Hepplewhite? Hufflepuff? The Magical Dresser, Cedric

3 thoughts on “Hepplewhite? Hufflepuff? The Magical Dresser, Cedric”

  1. Why oh why did you paint this beautiful chest of draws? If you are right that this is a genuine Federal or ‘Heppelwhite’ style chest (and you quite probably are) then you have taken a piece that may be worth thousands of dollars and turned it into a valueless piece, the next owner is going to have to spend thousands on a difficult restoral to get it back to something much less than the original. The fact you knew it was a genuine piece before you started makes this vandalism even more reprehensible. I just pray you did not remove the varnish before painting it, or you have probably ruined it for ever. Please do not do this again. Please do not ruin beautiful antiques. Stick to modern reproductions and seek advice from people who know what they are doing before ruining anything else, please.

    1. Thank you for your constructive feedback! I completely agree with your thoughts about defiling a rare antique, though fortunately, this piece no longer held much value. When I picked up this chest, it was clear that there was an extremely large cracks and missing pieces in the veneer which dramatically brought down the value. This was a custom-made piece for a client who was aware of the piece’s condition and chose to move forward with the restoration of it to fit their needs. As we both know, these pieces are very valuable, but to have a beautiful forever piece is your home…that’s priceless. Again, thank you for your feedback! I noticed that you did not share any contact information, if you have any other comments, please feel free to shoot me an e-mail at mrslmvogel@gmail.com!

  2. I love the pop of color. I just bought a Finch buffet for under $100. Would load a picture if I could. Only damage is poor paint job and inside drawer the veneer is missing in 3″x3″ area. Got to figure how to repair but boy is thing solid!! Even drawers are heavy. But now I’ve convinced I need to do the inside pop because I love turquoise πŸ’•.

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