Sippin on Some Salvation Style

15 thoughts on “Sippin on Some Salvation Style”

  1. This is gorgeous! Quick question, I have a similar looking piece of furniture…did you just put the ASCP on without sanding? I know it doesn’t require it so i’m wondering how it holds up on a shiny top like your dresser had…

    1. Good question Amy! Using ASCP alone will give you a chalky, matte finish. In order to lock in the paint and get the glossy finish, you have to seal it in with either a wax, sealer or poly. For this piece in particular I used Annie Sloan’s brand of clear wax but there are several other brands and types of sealants that you could use, too 🙂

      1. Sorry to bother you again…i meant did you sand your furniture before applying the paint? Since i know what people love about ASCP is that you don’t have to sand the piece beforehand. Thanks!!

      2. Got ya! I usually never sand my pieces unless I plan on staining the top – in this case I started sanding but made a last minute decision to paint the whole thing! The fact that you don’t have to sand or prime is definitely a big reason why I love the ASCP product. Since the consistency of the paint is so thick, I’ve found that it can also erase fine bumbles or inconsistencies in the wood, too!

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