frenching the linens

9 thoughts on “frenching the linens”

  1. I think this piece is just beautiful. We could never buy a piece like this for 400.00 in a store today. I can’t remember if the would was pecan or not. And, I wanted to mention that I am way impressed that you put a finish over the chalk paint. I’m not a big fan of ANYTHING that has to be waxed every year! Good for you for standing out from the crowd!

    1. Thanks Ginene! I hear ya, I just can’t get on the wax train! I’ve tried to use it but I am just never satisfied with the results and don’t feel quite right about giving it over to an unsuspecting customer. I’ve found Beautiful™ Furniture Seal Satin to be amazing!

      1. Oh, never heard of this before. I’ll look into it as I’m always looking for something to replace the water based polys, again, now that i think of it, because the can says to redo periodically. Thank you, my friend!

  2. That’s quite a transformation. It’s funny how the handles were not very noticeable before, but now they are a real feature against that lovely French Linen. Lovely blog 🙂

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