Kati gets a deal!

4 thoughts on “Kati gets a deal!”

  1. Can you give us an idea of what one should charge for painting a big piece of furniture like this? I’m thinking of adding this to the services I provide for my shop. With the high cost of chalk and milk paint, I’m wondering if it would be another source of income. Do you pick up and deliver the furniture, also?

    1. It really depends on the client, sometimes I pick up and deliver (for an additional fee) or they bring it right to my work space. Other times I don’t have a buyer yet and pick things up and then sell them via social media and Craigslist, in those cases I need to make sure I recuperate my investment while still charging for labor and materials so those are priced higher. Every piece I do is priced differently depending on the extent of work it takes 🙂 I’ve found Blue Egg Brown Nest’s blog as a great resource for pricing, you can check it out here: http://blog.blueeggbrownnest.com/wordpress/?p=16790

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