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  1. Beautiful restoration of table/desk and I love the way you styled it. This is a case of the redo being better than the original finish. I can really sympathize with you about the wasp sting. Sometimes it seems like they attack if we get in their way. Last year, I got stung in the hand when I was gesturing during a conversation. But, the WORST was when one got into the top of my bathing suit. That was really bad!!!

    1. Oh my! I can relate, I sat on a wasps nest when I was a little girl and 2 rouge wasps flew into my sun dress and stung me a bunch of times before I could run home and take it off! Ouch, ouch, ouch!

  2. Love your photos in this post. The angle on that 2nd to last one really works with the focus on the chair and desk in the background. Also love how you have the pebbles background on the laptop. Really nice touches! And aside from all that, it’s an amazing transformation of the desk (yep, I’d use it as a desk) from tacky pine to fabulous!

    1. thank you, thank you! I am finally getting the hang of shooting indoors in my workshop. I’ve tried lots of different lighting but I’ve found that lights and flash off with some natural lighting can be quickly adjusted with a few photoshop tweaks. the natural light helps so, so much! all in the details!

    1. I personally would – Any polyacrylic will do. I brush on 3 light coats with a foam brush and sand between coats with an extra fine sanding block. Some stains do have poly in them like Rustolum’s Polyshades or General Finishes Gel Stain line.

  3. So wow! Looks great!!! I have this same sofa table and want to change it… Saw this and needed to ask you…
    Did you sand it first or anything before you added the Annie Sloan paint?

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