kitchen grand reveal!

12 thoughts on “kitchen grand reveal!”

  1. It’s beautiful! It went from “Builder Boring” to “Cozy Cottage” with what I call a frugal/creative mind! I love transforming things/rooms without spending much money. It’s amazing what one can come up with when “financially challenged”, isn’t it! Keep up the fantastic work, nothing feels better than making your home reflect who you are.


  2. Looks great so much more inviting! Just curious, the floors look like cork, and you mentioned that you’d like to eventually replace the flooring. Are the present floors cork? What do you like/not like about them? What would like to replace them with? I’m interested. Thanks!

    1. The floors are actually some sort of sticky laminate faux tile… I’m just not crazy about it overall – plus the previous owner didn’t mix up the tiles before applying so the “design” is identical from tile to tile. I’ll probably go with a neutral big tile – the cheaper the better so cork is probably out as I’ve heard it can be pricey! Good luck!

      1. Oh, I see! Yes, I know the type! Thanks for the reply, I was curious because I thought they were cork. The kitchen looks super and I love the island you made! 🙂 Enjoy it!

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