First off, let’s start with the fact that about 30 minutes ago I was stung in the cheek by an evil, killer wasp. I was happily leaving my workshop after a good, long day’s worth of work when I felt something land on my face and boom, stinging pain. Yiiiii-owzaah, that hurt!  I’ve been alternately icing … Continue reading yardsailin’

grain sack collection

hey, howdy, hi, hello! I’m writing from the couch while watching the Harry Potter weekend marathon on ABC Family, ugh, it’s just phenomenal. Any Harry Potter fans out there? We just finished up the scene where Dobby dies and man, I cried. “What a beautiful place to be with friends. Dobby is happy to be with his friend Harry Potter.”  Gets me every. single. damn. time Continue reading “grain sack collection”

a trip to the dark side (and probably back)

Hello, hello. Back I am from a lovely, relaxing long 3 days off. The weekend was so lazy in fact, that Jeff was having trouble stringing proper sentences together on Sunday morning. It was so funny. I’ve been there before so I can make fun in earnest. So sometime Sunday morning as Jeff and I were browsing through Target, picking up some essentials when the following conversation occurred: Continue reading “a trip to the dark side (and probably back)”

Louise la Petite

Man, sometimes my brain works triple time – this is one of those times. Today I finally “finished” a piece that I’ve already completed twice before. She started as “sea glass,” then in a flutter of late night, anxiety induced activity briefly turned blueberry blue, but as of today I’m pretty sure that we’re done. With a mix of old ochre for the body, old white for the drawer fronts and a natural top, I think she’s a petite, little beauty. I lined the drawers with this beautiful old school newspaper reproduction and I feel like you could walk into my great, great grandmother’s childhood bedroom and find this piece holding all of her dresses and lace socks. Not to mention, I was able to use a beautiful wreath swag applique from my grand-mother in law, Louise – it totally took it to the next level! So in thanks & honor, I’m naming this little darn cutie after her! Continue reading “Louise la Petite”

Kati gets a deal!

Do you ever just click with someone and know instantly that they are good people? That’s how I feel about my favorite customer ever, Miss Kati. Kati’s got that something that I love: she’s fun, straightforward and not afraid to make creepy furniture deals. My kinda lady. A previous customer, Kati sent me a text letting me know she found a FREE french provincial dresser on Facebook and wanted it redone. Even better, when she got there to pick it up the previous owner threw in a weird, ugly, decrepit side table that had pieces of laminate stuck to it, FO FREE 99!  Continue reading “Kati gets a deal!”

Hope for Love, Love for Lauren

Besides sharing the same initials from birth – LMB – my older cousin Lauren and I have shared a very special bond. Since as long as I can remember I’ve always looked up to her in so many ways. Lauren is the type of role-model every mother would want for her daughter; she is driven, beautiful and most importantly, she has a heart of gold. From her I got my love of soccer and the Backstreet Boys, my extreme drive to grind, hustle and succeed in business and most importantly, my ferociousness in finding a life-partner that is my perfect mate. Continue reading “Hope for Love, Love for Lauren”