Hope for Love, Love for Lauren

Besides sharing the same initials from birth – LMB – my older cousin Lauren and I have shared a very special bond. Since as long as I can remember I’ve always looked up to her in so many ways. Lauren is the type of role-model every mother would want for her daughter; she is driven, beautiful and most importantly, she has a heart of gold. From her I got my love of soccer and the Backstreet Boys, my extreme drive to grind, hustle and succeed in business and most importantly, my ferociousness in finding a life-partner that is my perfect mate. Continue reading “Hope for Love, Love for Lauren”

The Union Jack Dresser & My Husband’s Foot in Mouth Disorder

I’d first like to say that my husband Jeff is a wonderful person with a huge heart whom I love dearly. That said, he has this tragic disease that I like to call the “foot in mouth” disorder. Symptoms include turrets-like outbursts and best laid intentions and onset usually occurs at pivotal moments. Continue reading “The Union Jack Dresser & My Husband’s Foot in Mouth Disorder”

Big Red

So once again, I failed to take a good “before” shot of my latest makeover. I think I’ll have to start getting my shots in the store before I take them home. Anyway, I would call this one a mid-century modern piece with a retro twist. Is there a specific name for it? Not sure! Anyway, it’s not my normal style, the leg details and the sunburst paneling alone were out of my comfort zone! I went back and forth trying to decide on colors but the decision kind of made itself when I went to sand down the top and got the dreaded pressed wood brains. Yuck! All in all, I think it came out great! Continue reading “Big Red”

What is black and white and red all over?

Just finished up this Broyhill console/dresser piece last night! The insides were done with Annie Sloan’s Emperor’s Silk, the body in Old White and the hardware & top in Graphite. When I found this at the ReStore, I was hoping I could salvage the top and re-stain, but it didn’t work out that way. I actually got the black and white idea from my Mom who did something very similar a few months ago. You know what they say about imitation! In her honor, I name this piece Bethy. Continue reading “What is black and white and red all over?”