blooming blue

Hey friends, coming to straight to you from Jack’s nap time so this might be a quicky… as this kid does not like to nap! Not unless his Mimi is holding him of course, and then he can go for 2-3+ hours at a time just hanging in her arms.

Today’s make-over is such a cute, little dresser that looks like it belongs in an Anthropologie display… but it didn’t start there!  Continue reading “blooming blue”

heels on, chin up!

Have you ever felt really run down and crappy but put on your favorite pair of heels and felt ready to crush it? That’s exactly how I feel about this dresser makeover. Today’s makeover was a custom renovation on a piece a client already owned and who knew EXACTLY what she wanted — right down to keeping the original hardware and adding these pretty turned legs. They add height and personality!  Continue reading “heels on, chin up!”

Back in Action

Hey Friends! Guess whose back in action? Your girl LV! Baby Jack is a little over 2 months old and I’ve been lucky enough to steal a few hours here and there to work on some pieces while my mom hoards… holds him. Blame it on the mom brain, but I don’t have a before … Continue reading Back in Action