if you know me well then you know I’m not very good with electronics… especially ones of the cleaning variety. I’m so terrible actually that Jeff doesn’t give me the chance to operate the washing machine or dish washer. I mean… I’ll take it because this gets me out of doing the dishes or laundry… So when I saw an ad for a new paint product on Instagram called Saltwash I figured – maaaaybe this is a type of washing I can get behind. Total slam dunk!

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It’s so awesome what a weekend of R&R can do for the soul. This weekend Jeff & I took some time out to drive to my favorite place on earth – Long Beach Island, NJ – to stay with our friends Rob & Ellen. Something about the island just restores my serenity and makes me feel super connected to all that is good. It was a great little break from the everyday grind! Continue reading “bootstrappin’”

rainy day blues

darn it, this rain is a real pain in the butt. I woke up extra early this morning to get sunrise lighting for my pictures since I needed to leave a little early for my commute into the city and guess what, the lighting sucked! booo! it better clear up before this weekend! My mom and I are planning to hit the local nursery/garden store circuit to come up with some ideas for my front yard… Continue reading “rainy day blues”

tall, dark & handsome

I have a love/hate relationship with Adele. Mostly that I hate that I love her. Her voice is undeniably beautiful but I have a hard time belting out her depressing lyrics. Come on Adele, you’ve got a beautiful baby boy and a boyfriend who loves you! Let’s get some love power ballads for us married ladies to sing along to! Not sure that this has anything to do with today’s makeover, but since I’m currently tapping along to “hellllloooo from the other side…” it just feels right. Continue reading “tall, dark & handsome”

beach bound


hey, good morning! I have to get right down to it because I’m super jammed up this weekend! So… I’ve been crushing on map typography dressers for what feels like a million years now but never really felt inspired by my location to pull one off… until recently. Since I’ve been sending most of my pieces to Sailor Trading Co. in downtown Manasquan I thought maybe a beachy type dresser might be on the horizon… Continue reading “beach bound”