if you know me well then you know I’m not very good with electronics… especially ones of the cleaning variety. I’m so terrible actually that Jeff doesn’t give me the chance to operate the washing machine or dish washer. I mean… I’ll take it because this gets me out of doing the dishes or laundry… So when I saw an ad for a new paint product on Instagram called Saltwash I figured – maaaaybe this is a type of washing I can get behind. Total slam dunk!

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glazin on em

hey hey hey, it’s Sunday! I didn’t know if I’d get around to working on any projects this weekend since last week the my first week at my new job and I was feeling pretty exhausted… I laid in bed until about 11:30 yesterday morning before I decided to make my way out of bed and get movin’. I took on this super cute desk late yesterday afternoon and was able to finish it up late last night.  Continue reading “glazin on em”

nice stems!

it’s Monday night, womp womp! Mondays are generally my least favorite day of the week. I don’t feel like I’m really into a good rhythm until at least Thursday, so I consider this a huge win to finish up a blog post for you guys this early in the week! I am cheating a little bit since this has been sitting in my basement and then my guest room for about a year or so now without any love.  Continue reading “nice stems!”

vroom vroom

It’s pedal to the metal today, ladies and gents! Today’s makeover reminds me of a super cool, classic corvette with racing stripes. It’s funny that I’m taking about the need for speed today as I’m laid up on the couch with some major ankle issues. Jeff has resorted to doing black magic on me with … Continue reading vroom vroom